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Finding things on the Truro Diocese Website
As a general rule is is better to use Google or another major search engine than the search bar on the website front page. For example, ‘Truro diocese confidence in the gospel’ as a Google search will yield a direct link to the pdf file!
‘truro diocese safeguarding training sessions’ in Google brings up a few ads first but there’s not far to scroll before you find the relevant page. The same search on the Truro Diocese website will be fruitless at the moment if you want the latest training course dates.   The Key box on the front page for browsing if you have time to kill is right at the bottom in the middle. Hidden there you will find the information area. Click on All Users and a veritable plethora of headings in alphabetical order appears.  Try clicking the Readers - more information button.... and then let me know what you think of the content. :) From the front page under ‘Faith’ you will spot ‘is God calling you’ and the Reader ministry page is bright and inviting.  Have a look and suggest it to someone!
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