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A Marvellous Healing by Gerard Kelly it was a marvellous healing; after the months of asking, of waiting; after the desperate, slow deterioration, the warring tides of faith and doubt: to be released in an instant, from every pain. it was as if the very molecules of his flesh had been infused, invaded, with the life of God, until he was filled, fit to burst, with the Shalom, the peace, of the Father's rule. limbs that had fallen flaccid with weakness waved and danced with joy; lungs that had so utterly failed him sang out with strength and boldness. he ran through the unfamiliar sunlight, drinking it in, experiencing all at once the thousand and one feelings that for so long had been denied him. it was a marvellous healing: to be so totally restored, made whole, rebuilt. it had just surprised him, a little, that he had had to die to receive it.
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