Can you help with a recipe for  prayer areas for first time visitors to our churches?

 Our churches are seen by many as a last resort in times of  suffering. When people pop in can we provide a welcome,
a place to bring comfort when no service is on. People are worried about health, family and debt.
Due to Coronavirus we need to rethink church NOW.

 Can you help other churches with practical solutions of where to acquire resources that you have found work well?


Prayer box. 

Prayer request book.

Prayer tree.

Prayer bookmarks,

Easy prayers,

Easy straightforward orders of daily prayer,

Leaflets on why, How to pray.

…please add to!



But where to start?

  • Can you recommended resources, well
    loved ones you use?
  • Where can you get these from easily?
  • Would you share your own  with other Readers/ LLM’s by email? –
    Resources to print out to use in our churches.

          Thank you