Weekly Monday morning ZOOM meetings are beginning to yield all sorts of interesting things; this page is keeping a record of resources we discuss.

Enneagram Test -click for  an extensive set of questions on an excel spreadsheet with a lot of explanatory notes which could be a real help in Spiritual self examination. 

Roy Sent this useful link : 


Kathy Lang wrote afterwards: 

prayer I quoted is:

give us courage to change what can and should be changed, serenity to accept
what cannot, and wisdom to know the difference.”

this form, or roughly because early quotes are all from people writing the
author’s words down from hearing them, comes from Reinhold

Richard of Chichester: his most-quoted is “Day by day…”

Serenity prayer in this form was my father’s favourite prayer. It has been adopted
by many groups, including Alcoholics Anonymous, and continues to be quoted in
different forms, mostly with courage and serenity reversed, but Niebuhr
definitely put courage first – and so would I! (If you’ve ever seen my posts on
courage on FB, you’ll know why.) But this is a classic example of how
serendipity can be wonderful! In exploring this, I’ve learnt a lot about
Niebuhr, whom I’d not come across before. Light and shade like most of us, but
his having had a big influence on Bonhoeffer means a lot to me, as well as his
importance to public figures from Martin Luther King to Jimmy Carter and
Barrack Obama. So his
magnum opus will be my next “spiritual”
book (currently reading” Finding Meaning: the sixth stage of grief”
by David Kessler) and after that, or maybe alongside, playing with your
Eneagram Excel spreadsheet! But NOT Dostoevsky – he’s liable to induce terminal
depression in me in “normla” times! For last-thing-cheer-me-up,
Darling Buds of May sounds great, and for great writing I’m going to re-read
Dorothy Sayers Wimsey stories fo the hundredth time…


also showed briefly the cover of “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the
Horse” by Charlie Mackesy. His FB page has lots of his wonderful pages.
I’ve bought about ten copies for friends and family in especially hard places,
and everyone, from 15 to 95, loves them. Just enter his name in the FB name
search slot.


– I quoted Jeremy Sachs. Showing his congregation a sheet of paper with just
one small black dot in the middle, he asked them: “What do you see?”
They all replied “a black dot” and the same thing has happened to me
several times. But of course that answer is not complete – it’s lots of white
area with one black spot in it! And that’s what we all tend to do, with the
media being the PITS in this regard!