CHAPLAINCY For the Licensed Lay Ministers- Readers of The DIOCESE OF TRURO

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A prayer for Readers and Reader Ministry.

God our Father, you give us gifts 
that we may work together in the service of your Son. 
Bless and sustain those you have called to be Readers 
and raise up men and women to offer themselves for this ministry. 
Through their preaching, teaching and leading of worship, 
may Readers proclaim Your Word, build up your people into your truth, 
and serve them in your name, 
that we may be mature in the fullness of Christ. 

"If you really want to help somebody, first of all you must find him where he is and start there...."



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The Chaplain's Safeguarding Statement.

Ensuring that children and young people as well as adults are kept safe whilst in our care is an integral part of ministry and Readers ( Licensed Lay Ministers) must  have a current Disclosure and Barring check and be safeguarding trained  to the National Church Standard c2.  As chaplain I am particularly aware of issues and I assisted the diocesan safeguarding training team in teaching and trialling courses. I am happy to discuss safeguarding issues or concerns with readers and to help in any way I can to ensure the well being of readers and others in our care.

If you have any concerns about safeguarding please contact Andy Earl Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, 01872 274351

Out of Hours for after 5pm and weekends: 01208 251300

In emergency situation:
Local Authority Children’s Social Care: 0300 123 1116
Local Authority Adult’s Social Care: 0300 1234112