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Readers Support Team

Deputy Warden to Readers: Canon Paul Arthur (who is acting as warden while we have a vacancy in See)

Warden to Readers: Bishop Hugh

Director of Reader Training: 

Administrator for  Readers: Mel Pomeroy  

Events Organiser: Claire Saltzman

Minuting Secretary: Margaret Sylvester-Thorne

Diocese of Truro Reader’s Support Network

contact addresses and phone numbers can be found on the directory live section of the diocesan website:



The Faraday Institute has a range of events this term which may be of interest to lay readers in the Diocese of Truro.

For church leaders (including those in training), our course ‘Artificial Intelligence, Genuine Care’ continues to explore how Christians can engage with technology in a godly way.  See https://www.faraday.cam.ac.uk/event/artificial-intelligence-genuine-care/

Some Readers may want to dig deeper at our summer course – this year we’ll be looking at ‘The Art and Science of Human Health and Spirituality’.  What does it mean to be human in an age of technology? Are we slaves to our genes? How does artificial intelligence affect healthcare?  Can art help with healing?  Explore these questions and many others 1st – 5th July; see https://faraday.institute/summercourse2024 to explore further.

Our Research Seminar series will restart on 30th January, with a range of topics to intrigue and consider:

30th January        Dr Jon Thompson [Cambridge House, Virginia, USA]          ‘Personal Identity and Resurrection: Early Modern Philosophical Perspectives’ – ONLINE ONLY

13th February      Prof. Martin Barlow [University of British Columbia, Canada]         ‘Kepler, Galileo and Aliens’ – hybrid

27th February      Dr Pete Jordan [University of Oxford]       ‘Rescuing Religion from Obsolescence? John Templeton on Science and Religion’ – hybrid

12th March          Dr Nathan Bossoh [University of Southampton]   ‘Science, Religion and the Material Turn: Exploring New Global Potentials through Colonial Museum African collections’ – hybrid

All these will be held at 1pm in Westminster College, Madingley Road, Cambridge (except the first) as well as bring broadcast online via Zoom.  All are welcome  Register at faraday.institute/seminars

Lay Readers may also want to explore our online resources:

Faraday Churches Quarterly e-news: NEW focussed news for churches and church leaders, including events, training, resource recommendations and ways of keeping in touch.  Sign up here

Resources on Artificial Intelligence: This new online hub brings together Faraday resources on AI, including videos, articles and small group material  Read more

Think, Live, Speak: Science and Christianity group study guide: Are you looking for an introductory level series of sessions on science and Christianity for your small group? This material was produced by the Faraday Institute Church Engagement programme in partnership with UCCF..Read more

Dr Zoe Binns

Events Manager

The Faraday Institute

Woolf Building

Madingley Road


CB3 0UB, UK.