Chaplain’s Blog stardate 21-07-2023

Latest News:

We welcome four new Readers in Training who will be starting with SWMTC in the Autumn.  Claire, Richard, Joanna and Mary…. welcome to the Reader Community! Please add them to your prayer lists as they embark upon their studies at the beginning of their Reade journey.

It was a privilege and a joy to be part of the interviewing panel and to be part of the discernment process which is much MUCH more rigorous that it was in 1986 when I began Reader studies! 

Reader Service Details_ please put this in your diaries and make this a wonderfully celebratory event- especially as support to those who are about to be licensed for the first time. 


Quiet Day at Epiphany house – Friday 28th July.

 Storytelling and Building Everyday Faith – Epiphany House

Good to know it is going ahead with a cluster of bookings 🙂 


I am leading a quiet day on Friday 28th of July to which anyone is welcome….. but booking is essential through Epiphany House.  

Please book a.s.a.p. the last one was cancelled and several people were disappointed because they had  not got round to booking. 

Cost £25.00 to include all hot drinks & a light lunch, for all information and to book a place please contact or call on Tel. 01872 857953

Currently I am nursing a sore jaw and a sensitive tooth and occasionally feeling sorry for myself while wondering the ideal time to go back and do the negotiations with the dental surgery reception. I was delighted to get the emergency appointment to replace my broken filling – I only had to wait six weeks – however I fear more radical treatment may be required.  Possibly something to do with a partially impacted wisom tooth.  

But I am lucky to be on the lists of an NHS surgery and to have receptionists to negotiate with having heard of so many people who cannot get a dentist at all, let alone an NHS dentist!  

So my stock of Sensodyne is helping…. but the jaw is an irritation that gets in the way of thinking about important stuff like the next sermon…. or a creative way of doing a burial of ashes. Mind you, the Ashes cricket is also a distraction! 

In Redruth we are about to have a period of transition as our Rector, Caspar Bush heads up country to a new job at the end of August.  It has been interesting collecting up the views of folk in all our five churches – more about how i went about this and the questionnaire will appear in the next blog. Next week we have a ZOOM with our transition adviser and anyone from the various councils and congregations who want to take part so life should get interesting!

Yesterday I went down to Penzance for the funeral of my old friend John Wallis who gave so much, not only to reader ministry but also across many other areas. It was lovely to have a part to play in the service, reading a lesson… draping his Reader Scarf across the coffin and praying; i leave you with the prayer i used….

Loving Creator God

We give thanks today for the ministry of your servant, and our friend, John.

For the lives he influenced and the lives he touched.  

Through his ministry in education for children. teachers and parents

through his music his art and poetry

and- his balance and sanity when in tricky discussions. 

We thank you Lord, for all the moments he left with each of us. 

Today we are sorrowful as we celebrate john’s life

but in his words, “it is what it is!”

and we are grateful for all you inspired him to leave with us.

In Jesus’ name – Amen.

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