Chaplain’s blog- January 2024

First a couple of reflections by the amazing peter Coster who continues to producece these thoughtful reflections every week. 

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I could not resist reposting this meme from social media- it just about sums up how I feel about the amount of rainfall this winter- even Noah only had to put up with it for 40 days. 

A few years ago we were having Sunday lunch with the gathered children and grandchildren and the subject of Noah came up, I can’t remember the context, but it was unlikely to have been deeply theological. 

“I dont like God, he’s nasty,” said one of the kids

“but God saved Noah and his family and the animals from the flood.” one of the adults reminded them gently.

“yeah- but he killed everybody else!” was the instant riposte.

Patronise children with easy answers at your peril!  

it is well known that I keep my New Year resolutions – at least the one I made as a teenager that I would never again make a new year resolution. 

That is not to say that I never resolve something, such as not taking on too much and like the cartoon, doing exactly the opposite- but the difference is that if the resolution made on NYE falls at the first week of January, that’s it for another year whereas if you make one on other days of the year and fail at it you can always begin again the next day and have another go. (there is a sermon in there somewhere!)

The temptation, particularly in times of transition / vacancy / interregnum is to cover anything we are sked to keep the show on the road- but it should not be a the expense of our health, after all if we get ill we are of no use to anybody!

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