Chaplain’s Blog Stardate 24:06:2023

Stroy Telling in Pennoweth primary school 

Every year since I retired from teaching I have given the teachers at Pennoweth an afternoon of story telling and music in the summer term so the children get something different and the teachers get some time for reports or the million and one other things they need to do when not actually teaching.

I find it really annoying when i see the posts in social media about children needing to be taught manners or about worsening behaviour because over the years the evidence has been to the contrary and this year has proved no exception. the children have all been a delight and make an excellent audience able to listen and participate with enthusiasm. what a fab job their teachers do! 

the Nature of Retirement

I have always believed the retirement is work without the benefit of a pay cheque – or these days a monetary payment into one’s account, and, that the drawback of retirement, apart from increasing decrepitude, is not getting a day off! 

However, having retired from teaching in 2009, I would far rather be useful and busy than be slowly assimilated into an armchair before the wonders of daytime TV- even if the cricket is on. 

in the last week, we have had the delights of the annual Arts Festival at St Andrews in Redruth- organised as always by my lovely wife who, despite rattling like a maraca with pills to stave off heart failure attacks these things with huge enthusiasm and drags everyone else along with her.  My jobs have included collecting our grandson from school, running a clay workshop making grotesques, running a story making workshop for 10 year olds and driving back and forth as requested. 


Quiet Day at Epiphany house – Friday 28th July.


 Storytelling and Building Everyday Faith – Epiphany House

 i am leading a quiet day on Friday 28th of July to which anyone is welcome….. but booking is essential through Epiphany House.  

Please book a.s.a.p. the last one was cancelled and several people were disappointed because they had  not got round to booking. 

Cost £25.00 to include all hot drinks & a light lunch, for all information and to book a place please contact or call on Tel. 01872 857953.

Transition and other Business

With our rector (and rural dean)  leaving us for a new challenge across the border in England we are about to go into transition and so i am thoroughly involved in trying to coordinate, collate, collect and otherwise communicate between the congregations of five churches.  What we will come up with for our parish profiles and person specifications remain to be seen but my own list of attributes would include:

  • A prayerful listener who is…..
  • used to running / working with teams who…
  • knows their own limitations and can delegate appropriately
  • Someone who has a heart for equality and diversity who will encourage and develop the vocations of all involved in our churches at whatever level.
  • Someone prepared to take a risk and to encourage others to push the boundaries. 

What would your list be?


Assistant Chaplains

I am delighted that we are in the process of recruiting some Assistant chaplains who will be on post once we find time to do due diligence to Safer Recruiting which is an imperative in these days of Safeguarding. More news soon.

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