Funeral Thoughts

In response to my post about my first Funeral Service, Reader Wendy Earl had a few thoughts that might begin a discussion, she writes, 

With regard to your visit to the crem you will now know the huge amounts of energy needed.  Personally being very ‘green’ I keep asking for some Woodland burial sites in Cornwall.  I understand Penmount are now offering ‘green’ but up country there are some beautiful, rural sites and barns converted to chapels as well as offering facilities for wakes…(good diversification for farmers!)  and shouldn’t tree planting be top of all our agendas?!  It would be good to get folk talking about this.

From Sally Piper


Re the woodland burial sites – the Camborne Cemetery has a woodland/green burial area which is in one corner of the area and is very lovely. There are pretty strict restrictions on what can be buried – i.e. only a natural coffin and flowers but no materials etc.


Also the following came up in a google search!


One in the west and one in the east!


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