Chaplain’s Blog Stardate 23-03-2024 – Sens Kernewek and other wondrous stuff.

Reader Recruitment

Discernment of vocation is important all year round but it is high on the list of priorities at this time of year with deadlines looming for applications and tutors wondering if courses will be running.

More about Sens Kernewek further down the page!

FICM Foundations in Christian Ministry  is the starting point for many types of ministry and a great place at which to point people who are exploring, or should be exploring the possibilities of Reader ministry, ordained ministry, Pioneers, parish nurses, worship leaders and so on. The link is the title in this paragraph will take you to starting points

As Readers/ Licensed Lay ministers we are well placed to spot those folk in our churches who might need some encouragement to take another step! People often need encouragement  and someone saying, “have you thought about…… “ and “you know you have a real talent for that have you thought about…….” Gives them the nudge that sends on the next stage of their faith journey.

The Parish of Redruth has a new rector.

In Redruth, now five churches, six settings and one parish, we have a new Rector, Rev’d Becca Bell and we await her arrival with enthusiasm. I await the arrival with a sense of relied that I don’t have to collate any more parish profiles, consult any more committees of position and border any more photographs!!  The licensing is not until September so in the meantime the Ministry team is  working hard and not only keeping the show on the road but also making sure that our new priest will have some space to discern the skills and qualities in her team and to get to know the congregations and spot talent that is as yet hidden! 

Across the diocese we have many long serving Readers / LLMs who have seen many incumbents come and go…. what three pieces of advice would you give to a new incumbent? 

Sens Kernewek

Part of the preparation for the new incumbent is for our two readers (Jason and me) to enrol on the Sens Kernewek course with the aim of providing greater flexibility and capacity should it be required.  Having said that, my main motive for doing the course was so that I could talk about and answer questions about it!

For the official information and application form click here: Sens Kernewek Archives – Truro Diocese : Truro Diocesee:

Last Monday evening was the last session of what has been an uplifting course with an eclectic group of people that somewhat miraculously managed to please everyone and send them away looking forward to the reflective practice groups.

When Sens Kernewek was first recruiting I was reluctant to take part thinking that as  Reader, and an experienced one at that, that I would learn little and that it was not for me because I had no intentions of leading a particular church. Our Parish is not set up that way! Over time, however, I have spoken to people who have been in the other cohorts who were invariably positive about it and my application was put in on the grounds of wanting to learn what it was all about so that other Readers/ LLMs could decide its usefulness to them.  I also wanted to provide some extra capacity for the ministry term in case a new incumbent wanted / needed to arrange things differently.

Although there was some cross-over the reasons for taking part were as varied as the people. There were several church wardens leading services and indeed churches in the absence of a minister, someone was pioneering a night church and pondering next steps, and there were four readers all seeking training opportunities to keep themselves informed.

Whether or not folk are commissioned as local lay leaders with a ready-made situation, the course was and is relevant to all those taking part.

One of the thoughts that crossed my mind was about leadership outside of ‘church’ situations such as the ZOOM  daily morning prayer and making sure that it serves the faithful group who gather from the churches around the parish and visitors from elsewhere in the diocese. The leadership also applies to house groups and study groups which are a vital part of encouraging the exploring of vocations of all sorts.

 If you have been in any of the Sens Kernewek cohort’s let me know what you would say to someone thinking of doing. 

Annual Reader Day

Is on Saturday 13th April at St Petroc’s in Bodmin. Some fantastic things have been planned and it would be wonderful to see a good turn out this year. More details to follow.

Training and Training Opportunities. 

The readers who were licensed last October and some more experienced readers gathered at Epiphany house on Saturday for a day on creating worship with Lydia. interestingly, the only person there who was not a reader was john Ievans, the director of Lay Ministry Training.  During the day several readers commented about how nice it was to have training specifically for them. There is a day on funeral ministry to which you will all be invited, but next year there will be no Post Licensing Group so it might be a good chance for training that we can all do. But….. what would you like to explore??

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