This is a a page for my video stories for children written mostly by me but some traditional and some from other sources who I hope to credit where possible. Ellie and the Cakes. the Dragon of Lost Things and Uncle Nog’s bag of tricks are best seen in that order. 

Some  have a message which is good for an assembly or church group, others a moral message as in a fable and some are just good stories! They can be found here Enjoy! Stories for All

Sometimes when story telling I set the listeners a challenge; give me some words (6ish)  that have no connection with each other and I will tell a story about you! Some of those appear below.  Would you like to challenge me? 

Ellie and the cakes was made up because Ellie wanted a story about a princess and some cake when she was about 2 years old. It is a much requested story and begins the Dragon of Lost Things Series. 

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The Dragon of Lost things was a story challenge from Jonah- he wanted a story like Ellie but it had to have- a princess called Ellie, a Prince called Jonah, a dragon, a knight, Spiderman, Elsa’s shoe, a doughnut and an apple.

The rules of the challenge when I am in the classroom – with Isiah’s story!  He becomes a superhero with a specia power.


This is an assembly story really but its good to tell to small people! 

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I told this version of the story at Pennoweth School to Year five children a few years ago- you can hear their excitement!

Why Nursery Children sing odd versions of Ba BA Black Sheep

The Story of Fishy Dishy & Spinny Sparkle in four episodes- in order!

These little videos are all about trying to get small children active, brave in joining in and using interesting language. I love doing them in nursery where staff join in and model how to do the dances and actions.