4th November Letter

Dear Fellow Readers, Readers Emeritus and Esteemed others


Having had a month of resting from Church / Reader things it is time to get things moving again. When I say resting, I still did ZOOM morning prayer each day, attended some meetings for the trial version of the safer recruitment hub, answered copious emails on subjects ranging from the average age of readers to finding volunteers to do the opening worship at synod and from providing face to face basic safeguarding training to what to do when Reader Robes are no longer required……  and my wife got Covid…. Four days after her 4th vaccination.


So…. Need to get rid of anything Theologically based? Try the Clergy Clutter Facebook group…. Clergy Clutter UK | Facebook


Brian writes: “Now that I have retired, I am wondering if anyone could make use of any of my robes. I have two surplices and a cassock + belt. The cassock is an old one , bought in the early 1960s !! and therefore akin to a blanket. Both surplices are Whipple and are size 40. I am 5ft 10ins and weigh 88 kg.”


As I have a stack of theology books that are gathering dust I thought I might try https://www.webuybooks.co.uk/ does anyone have experience of them or any other ideas about what to do with my excess stock?


I still have hopes of compiling a prayer list for Readers and would like your suggestions, however in the absence of a list of names here is a prayer from Joy Gunter.


Creator God. we are made in your image and called into being by your love.   We thank you for calling forth men and women to serve your church as Readers.    Bless them we pray, with minds and tongues to speak your word of love and sing the song of the heart, that all your people may be encouraged, built up in their faith and helped to reach out in joyful service and witness, through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen.’


 The Monday Morning Conversations from 10 to 11 o’clock will continue on Zoom and the room will be open every week but I am only going to promise to be there every second Monday though I may drop into the others.  There may be volunteers who will sign up to host the other weeks!  I also wonder about resuming some face-to-face open chats initially at the Penventon Hotel in Redruth. Let me know if that appeals!   (the link is in the usual email…. or just ask me!)


Safeguarding and safer-recruitment:


I am doing my best to represent you in matters to do with safeguarding at various levels from training, the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Panel and the National Trial for the Safeguarding hub. When I get a chance, I do voice your concerns and there is general support that influence needs to be brought on the National Team to make the requirements suitable for smaller churches…. And people who have multiple roles.


The Discipline of Prayer:


At the beginning of the Covid Pandemic we began morning prayer on line each day at 9am in Redruth and it is still going! Smallest attendance 3 but usually more than 7.  We even have a Reader from another Deanery who leads the service once a fortnight! It certainly does make the discipline of morning prayer much easier anyone is welcome to join us. (even if you don’t want to turn a camera on or speak!)  


The Website


www.readers-chaplain.org.uk has a few things in the recent posts column but it would be great to have some other Readers / LLMs contribute a few paragraphs on bits of their ministry they think might inspire others So if you have been on a brilliant training course, set up a new church initiative or read a fantastic theology book…. Please do share! 

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