News and Reflections – 21st March – Passion Sunday

Carrie Tucker -
Our Secretary is Moving!!

Carrie is moving house when Covid restrictions allow the details to be sorted out to be closer to family in Plymouth. So as she is leaving the Diocese we will be saying goodbye to her with huge thanks for her amazing work and support of Reader/LLM ministry – without her the admin would look very different. 

I am interviewing her on ZOOM in the very near future and hope to post it on here next week. 

In the meantime… here are a couple of links to Carrie articles.

Maundy Money arriving by post not pageantry – Truro Diocese : Truro Diocese


Kathy Lang - Methodist Local Preacher - RIP

Many Readers/LLMs will have known Kathy Lang who was a Methodist Local Preacher in Looe who preached occasionally in St Martins Liskeard. She died last night having discovered a few months ago that her cancer had returned.  Even though she knew her time was limited she managed to come to some of our Monday Morning Sessions where she joined in discussions enthusiastically and even came this Monday though she did look poorly.

 As a serial attendee at any training day many will  miss her presence, her sharp mind and often witty responses.  

I met her properly wen she came down to St Andrews in Redruth to hear me preach before booking me for the choir festival in Looe that summer…. she was a woman who knew exactly what she wanted but her love of the Lord never faltered. 

Rest in Peace Kathy….. and rise in Glory.

Malcolm Bowers
So sorry to hear this news. I valued her as a friend. Her faith was at the centre of her life. She had a sharp mind and loved music winning cups at competitions. The Lord will certainly say “well done good and faithful servant”.

Jane Darlington
Rest dear Kathy x

Jacqueline Haines
A very special person xx

John James Kendrick-Crawshaw
Oh my gosh, I’m so saddened to hear this, Kathy has touch so many peoples lives, from her preaching to her ‘at home’ get togethers. Rest in Glory Kathy Lang xxx

Ross Isbell

So very sad to hear this news. Rest in peace dear Kathy. 🥰 💛 xx

A Cartoons I found on Social Media.....

tis week!

Maybe a Monday morning theme?

Morning Prayer continues on ZOOM with a growing congregation at 9am each day.

There always seems to be much hilarity before we begin, on the day of Mary’s hat several of us were wiping tears of mirth from our eyes…but if you want the story you’ll have to join us …. before 9 when all goes still and we pray together. 

The link is in the weekly email! 

So this week, having discovered that the roof of the shed was no longer completely watertight I bought some special sealant from Screwfix and set about painting it on…… that was at the beginning of the week, it took two attempts over two days and I am still aching having discovered pains in muscled I had forgotten I had.  But the sky was blue, the sun was shining and I did manage to climb up there safely and complete the task and for that I am grateful! I am even more grateful that my neighbours offered to come and complete the job for me at the point of the photograph…. people have been so generous with time in the last year  and although I did not need the help it was nice to have it offered. Who can we offer help to this week?

Ministerial Development Review - over Carn Brea

I am always on about the importance of communication within ministry teams. Caspar and I went for a walk for a couple of hours to discuss ministry and to reflect on the past couple of years. The rock behind me is where in normal years, the cross would stand on Carn Brea. Amazing that Caspar managed to look far more intrepid than me! So we managed exercise, being appropriately socially distant and had a good conversation. We might have to do the same thing when it is time for reviewing my working agreement…. which should be sooner rather than later. From my point of view it is an example of good practice in action. Thank you Caspar.

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