No Service on Sunday?

Reader Geoff Cox writes, ” just a few minutes ago (7:24 )  I was listening to an interview on radio 4 with  Canon Stephen Pye on the above subject. He had 8 churches in the North of England and was saying the new ruling only accepts what’s happening now which I can understand in some cases. (radio 4  7:25 “Today” Saturday 23rd Feb) 

However all he could talk about was communion services which he could not do. There was no talk of lay led services at all I feel sure that  there would have been some lay led services in a cluster of 8 churches.

Is it just that some of our ordained colleagues do not see a lay contribution as valid services. I could not believe that the lay contribution was not mentioned.

On a more positive not I was very taken by an article in the Reader magazine by a focal Minister in Wales. It seems that at least some places see the value of making a lay minister a focal point of contact in a parish and the fact that he takes baptisms was interesting.”

The annual survey and my conversations with Readers across the diocese shows a very mixed picture, sometimes in the same benefice, with Readers not used or relied upon too heavily and some places where life seems rosey!  If you would like to comment or add to the discussion please drop me a line! Jim

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