Bloggery 23rd April 2020 – plus Didymus!

Dear All

There are regular bits and pieces put up in the news section of the website, (link at the bottom of the page) such as Peter’s weekly thoughts of Didymus. I am not  sending out emails for every post.
Pleasebook Saturday 14th of May 9am to 1pm for Reader Day om Zoom.…. we will use the Ministers in conversation link to keep it simple! (ask for a link) 
Speakers this year include Bishop Emma – who is Bishop to the Archbishops of York and Canterbury) more about here here: Revamped Bishop at Lambeth role boosts links between Archbishops of Canterbury and York (
I will be chairing the very short AGM. Question: do we need an AGM after this year? Suggestions for answers please….. 
The conversation group, which always welcomes new contributors meets again on Monday morning on ZOOM……  it would be lovely to meet in person but as we stretch fromPenzance to Callington….. online is rather more convenient. 
Prayers: Please keep the candidates for selection for next year’s training programme in your prayers before their selection day at Epiphany House on June 30th. 
Also in your prayers, a number of Readers who are in tricky situations in their ministerial areas – please pray for them for wisdom and guidance.

112 CV EASTER II 240422[26034]  Peter Coster’s thoughts for Easter 2

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