Last Chaplain’s Blog Until September

Last Blog until September!

Having just seen  £143.88 disappear from my bank account for the ZOOM subscription for the next 12 months I am hoping I shall not need it quite so much but it has been useful for Morning Prayer, Spiritual direction, chaplaincy meetings and readers in training … so it has shown its value…. I am sure there will be things that will never leave the online forum now that we have it. 

We had the Wardens Group this week, on Zoom, where we looked at the report and recommendations for the future of Reader Ministry among other things and it is pleasing that there is a plan of action which has apportioned various sections to the people who can do something about them.  I am still hopeful that I shall retain my Reader license in October 2022 and not have to seek permission to officiate after I hit the spurious target of 70 in February! We shall see!

I have had some interesting conversations about Living in Love and Faith with Readers in the last few weeks, although nobody else has come forward wanting to do the course. Bishop Hugh tells me that many parishes are due to begin face to face courses in the Autumn and that the time period has been extended.  I have a feeling that because the issues do not affect some people personally, that they don’t see the need to do the course. It is a bit like saying, “well I know I am not racist, therefore I have no need of doing an equalities course.”      So one last plea….. please, as Licensed Lay Ministers (or those who have permission to officiate) please do register with the Church of England Living in Love and Faith site and at least watch the story videos even if you don’t look at the course material. Personally, I think as Ministers in Ministry teams we should be leading the way and  enabling the discussions….  

I am having a break from doing Morning Prayer each morning on ZOOM, although the ZOOM prayer room will be open for folks to drop in. here are a couple of useful links for materials to lead morning prayer online:

Morning Prayer (Contemporary) on Saturday 31 July 2021 | The Church of England

Morning Prayer – Northumbria Community

If you have any other suitable sites please let me know. 

Next Saturday Morning  7th August I shall break my ZOOM fast leading the Post Licensing Group in some sessions about Worship which we will begin at 9:00 on the Morning Prayer Link….. with an order for Morning Prayer, unsurprisingly. Others are welcome to join us. Then we are delving into Holy Communion by Extension and looking carefully at the the materials sent out by Bishop Philip. I am taking my first HCBE service at Treleigh tomorrow which should be interesting! 

Back in September – possibly with a revamped and updated website. 

Prayers and blessings


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