Chaplains Blog 6th September

The Blog will appear here….. in the meantime listen to these chaps on the stairs! 

I had a look at the website offered here and there appears to be a lot of good stuff……

Dear Mr. Seth,


I invite you to visit our website, New Pilgrim Path: and, if you find it useful, to bring it to the attention of your parishioners.


The Internet offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. “New Pilgrim Path” is a website aimed at sharing with fellow travellers of all Christian denominations the wealth of online spiritual resources we have discovered and continue to discover. 


The website features daily prayer, online retreats, reflections, sacred music, poetry, religious broadcasts, and much more.  The site was launched in Advent 2016.


Each week, we feature a ‘Website of the Week’. We send a description of the featured site several days beforehand, so that parishes have time to feature it in their newsletter for the following weekend.


If you would like to receive this weekly email, please click here: Contact us. If we do not hear from you, you will receive no further unsolicited emails.


Helen Gallivan

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