Not Afraid – Just being Sensible!

I can’t make the ministry team meeting on Tuesday morning – Lez’s birthday taking precedence and we are going  to Trebah Gardens for a walk and an ice cream and possibly lunch in the garden! 

I don’t like missing staff meetings mainly because I actually feel lucky to have them  when I listen to how many Readers are not consulted or part of ministry teams. The nice thing was that Peter and I were consulted anyway about the next steps in what Redruth offers in the way of services in church and online after this month. 

I am on record as stating that I won’t be going back to church to sit in a pew with a mask on- especially if there is no singing but it is not out of fear or being afraid.  Part of it is because if I have to wear a mask I shall be thinking much more about the discomfort and the strangeness of it rather than feeling ‘spiritual’ whereas the alternative ZOOM offering, though far from perfect, is physically comfortable and many of them have been really moving and helpful. 

Suggesting that people might be afraid to return to church might also have the unintended affect of making some people who are just being sensible, or staying away because they are working with folks who might be affected go back to church because they don’t want to be thought of as being fearful.

So let’s all stop talking about being fearful and afraid and instead lets talk about common sense, best practice and care for each other. 

In the meantime although Sunday services, said, masked and distanced will be happening around the Redruth churches but our ZOOM communion will continue and like a separate congregation- or even a separate church will be on the ministry team rota.

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