Reader Training Evaluation Visit


In January a three person evaluation team descended on the readers in training course to assess its efficacy!

I met two of the team on three occasions, the management team meeting, the tutorial staff meeting and at the Saturday Day School. The picture features Jeremy Putnam leading what I thought was a fantastic day on Community.

At that time of writing I have not heard anything about to the report but the process was an interesting one and, though likened to OFSTED, it was a much more conversational affair. The assessors were astute and asked probing questions that certainly got the grey cells working.

I think one of the development points that might come to the fore  is how we promote  reader ministry, especially with younger folk.

The diocesan website is a convoluted maze at best and there does need to be a clear message about what a reader ministry is and why folk should consider it as a vocation.

Your suggestions please! I will collate the best and put them on the website!


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