Preaching in the Cathedral

This October for the Readers Service I have been asked to preach which is a huge privilege.  So I said I would of course! 

Then a week went by and I started thinking about readings  and a sense of mild panic set in- a blank sheet – what readings? I don’t usually choose my own – I have always preached whatever the lectionary has allotted for the week. 

So I asked the Readers in training who initially suggested Isaiah 6:1-8 or 1 Samuel 3:1-21  but while excellent choices for those about to be licensed I wondered if they were a tad obvious. 

I asked the Readers in Training Management Group and Derek suggested on of the old testament harvest readings…. but he couldn’t remember exactly what it was…. 

So what are your thoughts? Any good suggestions serious or teasing, challenging or comforting, suitable or the opposite? Let me know! 

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