Readers Day – 18th May at St Petroc’s Bodmin

Morning session – 2 options.

I am really looking forward to Reader Day this year – especially as I quite fancy the walk! 

Hopefully Bishop Philip will be able to be there as well for our question time session in the afternoon which should be really interesting. 

The planning group (not me) met recently and below is there draft planning – lots of hard work and great ideas! Thank you all! 


Option 1 – a walk to Nanstallon.  Organized by Margaret Sylvester-Thorne –

led by Bishop Chris.

This is a good flat walk with only little road walking involved.  The walk is along the rail path.  It is anticipated that the walk would take about an hour each way – walking past Bodmin Jail may be pause for a prayer either on the way out or on the return

Expect to leave St Petroc’s by 10.30 and arrive about 11.30 at Nanstallon Church.

(Ann to liaise with Nanstallon: have church open, to see if tea and coffee could be supplied; to find out if there is telephone reception, find out about toilets.  If necessary speak to Methodist re using their facilities. Donation to Nanstallon for refreshments (out of Reader budget).  To find out if there is telephone reception at St Petrocs.

11.30 to Noon: refreshments and a short service. 

It is anticipated that Bishop Philip will walk – but it would be good if he could join those in church rather than walk back.  (transport needed).

To be aware that some may need to return to St Petroc’s rather than walk both ways.  Need first aid kit and telephone.

Option 2 – to be a Pilgrim in St Petroc’s

for those who are unable or don’t want to walk. – led by Carrie & William

10.30 to 11.30 activities in church (organized through Nigel Marns) Prayer stations with activities on the theme of being a Pilgrim.  Also Together we Walk – a pilgrimage in Church.

11.30 to Noon – refreshments and the same short service as at Nanstallon Church.

(this is to link both groups)

Noon until Pilgrims return – Lunch

On Pilgrims Return have lunch together – grace

1.45 – AGM

2pm – Witness statements on being a Reader – 4 each lasting 5 mins on own experience of being a Reader.  This needs to be balanced – not a dig at parish priests.

2.20 – 2.40 over to Bishop Philip chance to speak to the Readers

2.40 – 3.00 – opportunity to ask Bishop Philip questions. (have questions sent in

3.00 – Cream Tea

3.30 – Bishop Chris – and Closing Blessing (pilgrim)

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