Theology and the Titanic

So there we all were for Sunday lunch discussing who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic with the four grandchildren. Not quite as random as you might think because Jonah had been doing the Titanic for a school project and that had been the subject for debate. 

So was it the designer, the owner or the captain? 

Ellie, aged 9, muses, “perhaps it was God that sunk the Titanic…”

we look quizzically in her direction.

“Well God might have been cross with some people on board.”

Eyebrows are raised from the adults…

“Think about Noah’s Ark…”

The looks on our faces convey the general feeling that all on the ark were saved..

“Look…” says Ellie “God, he or she…. let’s just say she shall we – killed everyone else who wasn’t on the ark.”


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