Thoughts for Palm Sunday Evensong from Peter.

110 CV          Thought for the Day – the Sunday Before Easter

                    “Palm Sunday”

                   by Didymus

Evensong Readings:

Isaiah Ch.5, vv1-7

Gospel: Luke Ch.20, vv9-19

This weekend’s readings have a similar theme, the use of a parable to illustrate and condemn those who stood against God.  It is powerful stuff, indeed Isaiah’s seven verses are one of the jewels of this great book.  The poetic comparison of beauty and then barbarity give it greater force.  Of course it was easy to ignore Isaiah, as many did, but later Israel and then Judah felt the weight of Assyria and Babylon’s anger.

The Gospel follows the same prophetic theme.  In my view it would be better to read from verse one, to understand the challenge of the Authorities, and the response.  Jesus was much cleverer than his critics, as they discovered when he planted them neatly on the horns of a dilemma.  He drove his point home in the parable of the vineyard, reading the minds of his opponents and their intentions.

Our thoughts are no doubt on Palm Sunday, with lengthy dramatized readings, by reluctant friends conscripted by the clergy to simulate the events of the Passion.  The proximity of the readings and the Passion with the events in Ukraine are painful, bringing the reality of human barbarity with TV and newspapers each day. 


Jesus being challenged by the Pharisees


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