Annual Readers Day and the AGM

09:55:21 From Hugh Nelson : This is the report on Reader ministry that Imogen has just referred to –
09:56:04 From Hugh Nelson : And you can read Kingdom Calling here –
09:57:04 From Lydia Remick : Thank you +Hugh
09:58:53 From Hugh Nelson :
10:13:40 From Lydia Remick : Amen, thank you Imogen
10:36:59 From David Fieldsend : We seem to have a tension between training that could be accessible and modular and losing the benefit of training readers and clergy side by side.
10:37:03 From Claire Salzmann : We 5 agreed to disagree!

10:37:37 From Lydia Remick : My husband is drilling so I will type. Biggest things in our room were concern about ‘dumbing down’ of training if it was modular v’s the accessibility if we want working age people to be able to training with more flexibility.

10:37:48 From Sue Wilcox : Encouraging ideas and thoughts from Imogen
10:37:53 From Robin West : We thought modular was a good idea but must ensure we do not dilute theology study.
10:37:55 From Deborah Crocker : I liked the idea of modules to top up training but was less certain of that as a way to do initial training as the danger was losing the benefits of a group working through tricky material together and supporting one another
10:38:19 From Richard Laugharne : Richard from Room 2: we agreed with Imogen that the idea of modules was a good one; but character formation and supervision is as important for leadership and accountability. Need both skills and attitudes suitable for spiritual leadership.
10:38:35 From Richard Laugharne : Happy to speak
10:38:58 From Jane Kneebone : Ordained ministry and licensed lay ministry are different and distinct callings. 

10:42:47 From William Hazelton : In favour of modular bur should be core basics on fundamentals. Anyway, why distinction between lay and ordained?!
10:42:56 From Kay Short : Do we have local reader groups for continued learning and encouragement post licensing? I miss the theological discussions we had when training!
10:43:04 From Claire Salzmann : Why would modular = dumbing down / lost? It strikes me that there would be no need to water down the content just because it is being delivered in a different manner.
10:43:29 From Lydia Remick : I agree Claire, I don’t see the link between modular and dumbing down…
10:44:21 From Robin West : I do not think we were suggest it would dumb down, but fear that it must be keep in check that it does not.
10:45:17 From Kay Short : With modular would there be a core set of modules that everyone did need to do, then a choice of modules so you could play to your own particular calling? But how might you discover God is calling you to something you haven’t thought of if you don’t experience the wider range of modules?
10:45:25 From Lydia Remick : Some of us started weird and don’t plan to change!
10:49:55 From Kay Short : Could there be an option to do additional modules after licensing?
10:50:36 From Jane Kneebone : Foundations in Christian Ministry fulfils some but not all of these functions.
10:51:37 From Jane Darlington : the Readers in my group and those speaking seem to have been Readers for twenty years….. so trained in 30’s why are we not appealing to this age range to train now? Because we have none in our congregation’s week by week only once a month or festivals, nor at Lent Groups. We need to grow disciples in our church. I find I am approached more in my day to day life or when sitting on the train because of comments to my badge.
10:52:00 From Kathryn : For myself I see my calling as being to my Parish & although I am happy to do stuff in the rest of the benefice I would not want to be licenced to the Deanery and even worse to the Diocese
10:52:45 From Kathryn : Sorry I don’t know why my post said ‘me instead of ‘Kathryn’
10:52:53 From Andrew Hicks : could not to whom you are licensed be a choice?

10:53:14 From Jim : does the age of those coming forward to reader training reflect the ages of people in our congregations? If you don’t have the younger people in worship how can you foster their vocations?
10:53:18 From Lydia Remick : As I tell my LWLs being licensed to benefice doesn’t mean they HAVE to work across the benefice but it means they CAN. Same could the same for deanery or diocese. Doesn’t we have to work across the area but we could if needed.
10:54:14 From Kathryn : We can minister anywhere now if invited by the parish priest, Kathryn
10:54:20 From Deborah Crocker : Your point is very true Jane, at 63 I am one of the youngest people in our benefice – before training younger readers we need to find ways to bring younger people back into church or there will be no one to train.
10:54:24 From Martin Smith : it would be ones own choice as to where you practise,
10:54:25 From Anthony W : When someone feels called to ministry, is there an inherent focus (which may be implicit) towards ordination? Is Reader ministry given the same ‘weight?’ There appears to be a lot of younger vicars but not Readers/LLMs

10:54:58 From Sheri Sturgess : Thank you Imogen
10:55:29 From Lydia Remick : There is also something about needing younger people up front to encourage younger people through the door in the first place… It’s all self perpetuating.
10:55:29 From Caroline-Iain : thank you Imogen – so much to think about

11:09:01 From Don McQuillen-wright : Although I have generally been very fortunate with the clerics with whom I worked I have of many instances where Readers feel very unused. Committees fill me with dread but teamwork is in my view an essential element of parish operation. Incumbents will on occasion meet up with Church wardens and sundries others but no the Readers. Somehow any training should ideally include building relationships with clerics from the very start.
11:12:00 From Andrew Hicks : training alongside clergy was a huge benefit to me 


11:20:01 From Claire Salzmann : A huge thank you to Carrie for all your support and hard work behind the scenes, we wish you every blessing on your Road Ahead.
11:20:27 From Sheri Sturgess : Hear hear
11:20:56 From Paul Arthur : Thank you so much for your massive support and keeping me ‘on task’. Blessings, Paul
11:21:00 From Andrew Hicks : great communication, support, and friendship
11:21:03 From Lydia Remick : Care and concern for us as people. Being there to listen when it was tough in parish and the advice she gave me.
11:21:15 From David Watters : Thank Carrie for your wisdom, kindness, understanding and the love you brought to your role as our Diocesan Secretary!
11:21:16 From Jane Darlington : always smiling
11:21:22 From Robin West : Ever kindness
11:21:30 From martinadams : Thank you, Carrie, for keeping me on my toes when I failed to do things, and for warning me when a deadline was coming up. All done with great personal concern and love. Thank you!
11:21:32 From Kay Short : Thank you for all your help Carrie, in getting my license transferred to Truro and making sure everything was in place.
11:21:37 From Jane Kneebone : Carrie, you’ve been an invaluable support to me over several years. I have valued your support, love, efficiency, early prompting to get jobs done and attention to detail.
11:21:44 From Kathryn : Thanks for always asking my questions and reassuring me I am not an idiot for having to ask them, I will miss you! love from Kathryn
11:21:45 From Martin Smith : thank you Carrie for your love and support. may the grace of our Lord go with you.
11:21:50 From Sheri Sturgess : Your efficient administration and organisation. Your friendliness.
11:21:50 From Tony Le Fevre : Thank you so much for keeping us all together so very well
11:21:55 From Claire : Constant support and encouragement. Thank you Carrie. Every blessing for your future.
11:21:55 From Alan Coode : Thank you for carrying the torch for so long!
11:21:56 From Margaret Sylvester-Thorne : Thank you, Carrie.
11:22:01 From Susan Irving : Thank you for being a true shepherd to us all and me in particular
11:22:02 From Mrs Claridge : we trained together and you got me through thank you. Good luck for the future and the new adventure that you will be starting.
11:22:12 From Jim : interview with Carrie
11:22:16 From Don McQuillen-wright : Always there
11:22:17 From Matt Frost : always helpful and kind. God Bless you richly on the road ahead
11:22:17 From Debbie Mitchell : Thank you for holding us and this space with such gentleness
11:22:28 From Sandy Massie : Thank you Carrie for the extraordinary way that you organised our Reader Licensing in the Cathedral in the midst of Covid restrictions. You did it with such kindness, thoughtfulness and skill.
11:22:29 From Tim and Zinnia Symonds : For all your hard work and efficiency I am most grateful.
11:22:31 From Penny : Thank you for all you have done, blessings
11:22:36 From David Fieldsend : Thank you, Carrie for your support in times when I needed it.
11:22:40 From Eileen : Thank you for all your help and for welcoming me to the Diocese in 2018.
11:23:00 From Richard Laugharne : Always patient when I forget to reply to emails! Thank you Carrie
11:23:41 From Michael : Thank you for everything you have done for Reader ministry in Cornwall. Love & prayers for the future.
11:23:57 From David : Quiet care, consistency and patience. Thank you. May God bless you.
11:23:58 From Wendy Earl : God bless you Carrie in your future ministry. You have been an absolute star in organising events and keeping tabs on us all for so long. VERY many thanks, Wendy xx
11:24:02 From Sue Wilcox : Thank you Carrie for your understanding and kindness when there were difficult times. x
11:24:13 From Esther Brown : Thank you for your support
11:24:21 From Rebecca Greenough : Thank you for steering me in the right direction. Becca x
11:24:46 From Peter Simmons : Thanks for all your care and encouragement will miss you lots.
11:25:13 From Claire Salzmann : Although you are crossing the border, please remember it will still be jam first! Cx
11:25:46 From Mike Waring : Transferring to Truro Diocese was so easy with your help and guidance. Thank you and every blessing for your future ministry.
11:25:54 From Helen Purchase : Thank Carrie for always being there, so patient and such a fount of

knowledge. I have always known that you would sort things out. Every good wish for you future.
Helen x x x

11:32:38 From Kathryn : Robin, you will enjoy it, I did when I did it and only stepped down because of health issues, Kathryn

11:49:21 From Andrew Hicks : Reader calling, at least mine, is changing. thanks for this encouragement!
11:51:38 From Wendy Earl : The world is changing with so many challenges. Where is the prophetic voice?
11:57:48 From Kathryn : What Bishop Hugh said reminded me of an old Hymn – “How good is the God we adore, our faithful unchangeable friend; His love is as great as his power and knows neither measure nor end. Tis Jesus the first and the last whose spirit will guide us safe home; we’ll praise him for all that has passed and trust him for all that’s to come.” Kathryn
11:58:45 From martinadams : Thank you, Kathryn.
11:59:52 From Andrew Hicks : …with Christ at the centre…
12:03:56 From Kathryn : I love the concept of being On The Way; In the Hausa Language a Christian is a ‘Maibi’ which translates into English as someone who is ‘On The Way’. Kathryn
12:38:33 From Jane Kneebone : Hear hear!
12:41:34 From Wendy Earl : A big thank you David! Some very encouraging reommendations.
12:42:10 From Kathryn : I agree
12:44:33 From Robin West : My group basically wanted to say – A Reader is a Preacher and Teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
12:45:15 From Kay Short : A lay minister helping others to be who God calls them to be
12:55:19 From Tony Le Fevre to Jim(Direct Message) : no audio!
12:55:26 From Hugh Nelson : You might have to sing for us David!

13:02:00 From Andrew Hicks : Thank you all
13:02:20 From Mrs Claridge : Thank you to everyone as always it has been good to meet together even if it is over zoom.
13:02:42 From Jane Darlington : Thank you all x
13:02:44 From Kay Short : Thank you everyone – good to ‘meet’ you
13:03:01 From Anthony W : Thank you
13:03:07 From Martin Smith : thank you everyone. lovely to see you all .until next year. deo gracia

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