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Lots of folks are coming up for Safeguarding retraining and there will be lots of people who need training following APCMs -so here is where to find the training! ……..

The link to the Diocesan Safeguarding training courses.


Before doing the C2 online ZOOM course – the c0 and C1 self
study online courses need to be completed:

From the All Saints Highertown Newsletter:

Live-streamed  Reader Licensing 

SATURDAY OCTOBER 3rd AT 11am Debbie M , Debbie C, Matt, Sandy, and Penny

This event will be broadcast on the Diocese of Truro Facebook page 

St Euny Churchwarden Margaret was very taken by these words from a book she is currently reading:


May our legs be strong and steady

May our feet tread softly on the earth

May our stomach be small and soft

May our belly be full of fire

May our heart be large and loving

May our soul be simple and serene

May our mind be calm and clear

May our spirit be free of fear

May our mouth mint sweet words and kind kisses

May our eyes see beauty below, beauty above and beauty all around

May our ears hear words of praise and music of the cosmos

May hour hands be generous in giving and grateful in receiving

May our arms find joy in embracing

May our body be a temple of love.


I have been asked to remind you all of the Diocesan Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) Offer. Please do have a look. We never stop learning. 

Training and CMD


The World in which we Give: Teaching and Preaching on Generosity, Tuesday 13 October, 09:30am-12:30pm

This half day session will visit the theology of giving and generosity and preaching on generosity.

Register here


Time Management, Tuesday 6 October, 09:30am-11:00am

Delivered by Sally Piper, Head of Ministry, this workshop session will offer tools, tips and practical skills for effective time management. Bring your ‘To Do’ list with you.

Register here


Franciscan Spirituality, Tuesday 20 October, 09:30am-11:30am

Franciscan spirituality has three key focuses, our relationship with God, our relationship with each other, and our relationship with the whole of creation. We will be looking at how these ideas were developed by Francis, Clare and the early Francsicans and how these ideas have found new meaning within our modern times and expression in the Anglican Church. This will all be set within the question of how do we pass on our spiritual knowledge, and within the Franciscan context of storytelling, how this makes an ever-changing and evolving spirituality. 

Register here


Billy Graham, the Cold War, and the revival of Evangelicalism in the Church of England, Tuesday 3 November 2020

Bishops Study Day, Tuesday 17 November 2020

Working in Teams, Tuesday 24 November 2020   


Churches, communities & buildings during COVID and beyond

This is an invitation to share your experience and insights in a confidential survey. The information and ideas gathered will help shape future planning and support churches across the country in caring for both congregations and wider communities in these very challenging and demanding times. It is supported by the Church of England/Historic England/Association of English Cathedrals/Historic Religious Buildings Alliance.


Click here for more information and to complete the survey.




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