Chaplain’s Blog Stardate 02:05:2021

So what is God asking you to do in the near future?

Vocation evolves, it does not stand still and it is not restricted to accredited ministry. We  should all leave regular space in our prayers to ask God about what we should be doing, or exploring.

I am sure many of you will have stories about where God has dragged you out of your comfort zone into something which you realise is what was needed.  As a young reader when i was teaching I was a preacher and teacher and specialised in anything to do with children from assemblies to youth groups and from family services to drama groups. I did the funeral training, and discussed pastoral visiting and even took a few home communions but I never envisaged doing much of those things and in fact avoided anything to do with funerals, age and illness. 

35 years on and funeral ministry turns out to be something that I am actually quite suited to and sitting listening to the bereaved and teasing out the stories about the departed is s huge privilege. 

That I was asked to be chaplain was a surprise too – but  that is another story. 

So why am I writing this now? 

Well as you will have heard, Carrie, our brilliant, hard working, efficient and tireless secretary to readers is moving out of the county and away from the job. She did so much that after some thought we have split the role to make it more manageable by ordinary human beings rather than Super-Carrie who would be almost impossible to follow! Below are two links to documents from Bishop Hugh! Readers / Licensed Lay Ministers we really need you to pray for the discernment process and to ask yourself whether you might be called to one of the roles. 

Clergy colleagues are asked to pay and give their readers a nudge if they think they might have the skills…. 

and other readers with a small ‘r’ are asked to pay that we find someone 


2021 April 28 – letter to Readers re Admin roles

Readers Administrator role descriptions


Please do contact me for further information or to chat through the commitment. 

This Mixed Week....

it has been another interesting week…. time seems to fly past at alarming speed, I am surprised Barney does not bark at it as it whooshes by!

Lez and I had our second covid (Pfizer) jabs on Wednesday and both felt a bit groggy yesterday so dog walking was  a bit of a chore but either side of that Barney and I headed over Carn Brea in mist and in sunshine and prayers were said. 

I was booked to do a funeral yesterday but it had to be postponed for a week for lack of official paperwork which was something of a blessing because I was not at my best! 

It has been wonderful to see the grandchildren this week who are all desperate to play with Barney – eleven year old Ellie, on hearing that I had had my second jab asked, “Does that mean I can hug you now?” She was as disappointed to hear that she could not as I was in telling her.  My prayers this week for all those grandparents who cannot see their grandchildren and for all children who are missing hugs. 


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