St Andrews Arts Festival

st andrews arts week brochure 2019 r2  click here to see the brochure and programme of events.

Really looking forward to seeing how this works in church….

Yskynna Vertical Dance Company 

welcomes you to a web experience of Vertical Dance

Yskynna are a vibrant company based in Cornwall who believe in making and taking extraordinary performance to new heights!

With sights set on non traditional venues, high walls, cliff faces, tall buildings and large open spaces, Yskynna welcome new challenges and the chance to create in such inspiring places. 

With our work we aim to generate and invigorate audiences, and we recognise the value of gifted/free performance accessible for all, which enables us to reach a wider demographic of the public. We are determined to entrust our legacy to the youth which are at the heart of all of our educational and outreach initiatives, by building long lasting links with schools and communities.


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