Preparations for The Readers Service on October 9th

The Reader Service October 9th 2021

We are hopeful of, and in may ways counting on a service in Truro Cathedral this year which I would like to think will be streamed on the Internet as well for those who cannot join us there. 

The preparations begin shortly and Reader Claire Saltzman is coordinating the preparations. The Warden’s Committee chaired by Bishop Hugh meets on the 27th of this month  where possible preacher, readers etc. will be discussed.  In the last few years those who have been licensed for the first time have been asked to assist with Chalices- I wonder if we will be using them by then!

If you are feeling called to preach, lead the intercessions, deacon or read a lesson and would like your name mentioned please do let me know.  When I preached at the service I was asked to choose my own readings and  allowed about eleven minutes.  If you know another Reader whose preaching is outstanding but might not put themselves forward  please do let me know. 

I did like the hymns suggested by the group about to be licensed but sadly these were vetoed and we were told that we would have the previous year’s hymns.

If you have any thoughts about the service that you would like the organising group or the Warden’s committee to consider please do email me and I will make sure your views are represented. 

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