Chaplain’s Blog Stardate 8th November 2020 – Remembrance

Remembrance is not just about the fallen...

I added some pictures and captions and turned the audio interview into a video – it includes some pictures he took whilst a prisoner of war. 

Remembrance_Day – a link to some more stories 🙂 


I was lucky enough to find a cassette tape of an interview my father did for the South Birmingham News paper for the Blind which he edited for many years after he retired from training teachers. In it he describes his experiences of being a prisoner of war following his capture while holding back the enemy forces while the evacuation of Dunkirk took place.  

My father spent from 1938 to 1946 serving in the Royal Cameron Highlanders, my mother, who gave up a career as an operatic dancer served in the WRAF as a radar operator….. and my Aunty Betty (a nurse) remained unmarried  for her long life time following the death of her beloved “Scotty” – an ANZAC who dies in WW1 – they are representative of millions who sacrificed much and we remember them as we commemorate the fallen on Remembrance day. 

Do have a look at Peter Coster’s thought-provoking reflections on Remembrance and the evening prayer readings for Sunday…… and….

Bob’s hymn of the day for Remembrance …. here!


What Do Readers need form the CMD programme -
and...... what Might they offer?

At last Monday morning’s Reader’s Zoom we were pleased to welcome Rebecca Evans the Diocesan Ministry Development Officer who listened patiently while we talked about what we needed for CMD / courses / training. 

Rebecca writes: 

We are currently planning our CMD programme within Truro diocese from January 2021 onwards.  You may be aware that currently we are delivering this training via Zoom and it is open to Clergy and Readers to attend.  We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to deliver a session, perhaps if you have experience or expertise in a specific area you might like to be involved.  Details of our current programme are available here: you will notice along the top the various themed headings under which the different CMD topics fit.  If you would like to be involved or just find out a bit more please do get in touch –

 Kind regards  Rebecca



The Development and Support of Reader Ministry in Cornwall

The Readers committee meets once every six months and the readers in each deanery are represented by their Deanery Reader Stewards.  Some deaneries like St Austell have a very lively group of Readers who meet on a regular basis, other deaneries where they might only have a few readers, or a lot of readers on light duties do very little and the DRS is largely superfluous.  I posed a question asking if there was any place in modern reader ministry for the DRS considering that with electronic communication (ZOOM etc) one could operate across the diocese.

This led to a wider discussion and the steering committee that meets in December will speak more. Bishop Hugh writes: 

We agreed that we would look at this when we next meet, and this comes as we are also starting to think about the Everyday Faith agenda and how we best describe the specific calling and role of Readers. The next Wardens Group meeting is not until the 1 December and rather than just waiting until then, I think it would be good to do some preparatory work, so we get this work up and running and use that time well.

With that in mind, this email is a conversation starter about how we might best bring together the themes that we are identifying around Readers, including:

– The national CRC vision for Readers as ministers who encourage and equip the gathered church to live as the scattered church

– The very significant changes that the Church of England needs to engage with to engage with a post-Christendom world

– The specific challenges of Covid

– The changing needs of our Readers, including in their discipleship, support, training, role clarity and partnership with clergy

Any thoughts, reflections or ideas gratefully received.  

Monday Morning discussions will definitely contribute- it would be great to  hear a few more voices contributing to the debates. Jim

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