Gone Phishing- of clones and hacks and virussy things…

Watch out for emails like this one from me or anyone who is likely to be on the diocesan, or other public data base. 

Note that although this says it comes from me- the address is definitely not mine…. the link it leads to probably will attempt to load something suspicious onto your device, or computer. 

This type of scam is called clone phishing. I first came across it last year with fake emails from my Rector. Now my name has been used.

It is different to hacking, where the criminal guesses your password and takes over your real account. 

This is a safeguarding issue for all the folks in our churches who use email and might inadvertently click on a link sent in an email of this sort and find their computers, bank accounts and email accounts compromised.  

Please be vigilant and pass on the warning. It could be your name that is used…. or you may be the person duped into clicking that link!

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